VIP Maintenance Program

cropped images 23 VIP Maintenance ProgramWhen you become of member you can have peace of mind that little leaks and problems found early will not turn into major and costly repairs down the road.  Properly maintained and installed plumbing will:

  • Use less energy saving money
  • lasts longer saving money with warranty
  • requires fewer repairs
  • eliminates a need for callback sometimes doubling your cost.


When you become a VIP member you will receive:

  • 15% when you join
  • $25 off one time service charge
  • Free estimates

Preventative peace of mind

VIP preventative inspections

  • Check toilets and faucets for leaks
  • Inspect all exposed piping
  • under sink inspection
  • check all hoses and connections
  • water pressure check
  • Inspect water heater and piping
  • Inspect for proper venting
  • Any findings will be repaired under our discounted VIP pricing
  • VIP members get front of the line service

Your first visit under the program will include a thorough inspection of all plumbing in home to ensure proper installation of all fixtures as well as confirm all plumbing is functioning properly and efficiently.  Any problems or possible issues will be discussed with member an a recommendation will be made.  Additional inspections will be for maintenance and to ensure continued proper function.  These inspections will be customizable for each customer.  You can have us out every year, quarter, month or as often as you like.